PO Box Film


New Film

I’m delighted to share with you the great news about winning the Medici service design award for this project.  I completed a ten minute presentation which you can now view here and the project has had very good feedback during the degree show so far.  If you haven’t visited alreay, its open this week until the 19th, check out http://gsa.ac.uk for more information.

The final box


Just wanted to add this to the blog, its the final renders of the box itself, hopefully I’ll get a film finished for the degree show in June and post it up here too along with a new story board.

The journey


I’ve just been sorting my photographs and have put together a collection of images I have from the Post Office journey.  I’m rather fond of some of them and would like to thank everyone I met on my journey and those who got in touch during the project.

You can view the entire stream here

Winding up

So I produced some sketch models of the concept and re drew it on computer to complete a new render.  I will post these at a later day because I have been advised to take out a patent.  Here’s some rough images of the model in construction.  I am planning for the degree show to construct a final model that is professional and as close to the real thing as possible.

Feedback wanted

Finally, I have put together a small video showing how the concept might work.  It’s a sketch video, just to illustrate the how PO Box might work.  I have also included some graphics (which may take a wee bit longer than normal to download, be patient!) to give you mroe detail on how it might work.  I would really appreciate feedback on the concept.  If you think there is anything missing from it, something that might not work, or perhaps you really like it, I’d love to hear from you!  It would be great if you could also show it to others or pass on the blog link to someone you might think will be able to provide feedback.



Filming Po Box

ha, I’m in heaven. 

I wonder if I could cheekily insert PO Box into postman pat footage, that would be amazing.  Anyway, I am in January going to be working on a short film, in the style of a postman pat episode, well it will be graphical but postman pat friendly narrative with funky (well funky may be the wrong word…twee) music.  Maybe I can take the tune of postman pat and sing PO Box instead.  Can’t wait to start it, when this dissertation is out the way.

ah memories.